CIQ - Centro Intercultural de Querétaro  

Spanish for foreigners
The teaching of Spanish has been fundamental since the beginnings of the institution. We have more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the teaching of foreigners through the immersion in Mexican culture. We have worked with high school students, clergy, university students, specialized teachers and medical doctors both independently and in groups.

Through this experience, Centro Intercultural de Queretaro has developed an original methodology that covers the five main aspects of learning: grammar, oral production, production and comprehension and auditory comprehension.

Our integral programs are designed based on the needs of each person or group and according to their level. In this way, students reach their objectives through strategic activities that include theory and practice.

The student’s advances are evaluated periodically to ensure that the objectives are reached. At the end of the course we emit an Institutional certificate that guarantees the abilities in the language and the level reached.

To better take advantage of the experience in Mexico, the teaching and culture, we recommend including the services and activities we offer:

Complementary activities
The best way to learn about Mexico is to immerse oneself in its culture. This is why, in accordance with needs and interests of the student or group, we plan outings within and outside the state of Queretaro, organize sport activities, have arts and crafts workshops, have cooking classes and also have dance classes amongst many other activities. These activities provide a better appreciation of life in Mexico having contact with different real, common and historical environments.

Homestays (Host Families)
We have more than one hundred families that are willing to support students in their learning by including them and immersing them in their family activities and in Mexican traditions. In this way, students will be able to develop an internal appreciation of the country thus enriching their experience.

Volunteer work

We have agreements with different associations and organizations in which students can be involved in voluntary service in different forms, enriching themselves with humanitarian work and direct contact with the sectors of society that most need it.