CIQ - Centro Intercultural de Querétaro  


Querataro is beautiful and colorful state located in the central part of the country only three hours away from Mexico City. It was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1996 thanks to its historical importance, and treasured cultural and natural attributes.

The state is divided in 18 municipalities. The great geographical situation of Queretaro has made it the backdrop of many transcendent historical events for Mexico. It has the perfect mix of culture, tradition, rich history and progress. Its speedy entrepreneurial and social development contrasts with the unequaled beauty of its capital and natural diversity.

Throughout the year the weather is perfect to visit and tour Queretaro. More so, it is interesting for all types of travelers thanks to the different possibilities it offers like eco-tourism, magic pueblos, the cheese and wine route, original cuisine, museums, galleries, colonial architecture, night life, sporting events and diverse cultural festivities.

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